Dental hygiene

Katarína Nagyová, certified dental hygienist

We provide dental hygiene services with an innovative approach using the AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master device from the Swiss company EMS* . It is a combination of sandblasting and light ultrasound for complete supragingival and subgingival removal of plaque, pigmentation, tartar and teeth polishing with AIRFLOW® technology. Using the AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master device together with the application of the Guided Biofilm Therapy treatment, they form a complete system of dental care, based on maximum efficiency in the least invasive way possible. The treatment significantly improves patient comfort, is gentle on tooth enamel, implants, and soft tissues and removes stubborn pigmentation (coffee, tea, smoking) without any problems. In patients with orthodontic appliances, it gently removes biofilm and the surface of the appliance is not damaged. The treatment is pleasant for the patient, it brings the feeling of a warm shower (regulated water heating up to 40˚C).

Please read the following information carefully before the first treatment in our dental hygiene clinic:

  • the treatment lasts about 50 minutes
  • please bring the toothbrush you are currently using
  • if you also use other oral hygiene aids, please bring them as well

In our dental clinic, we place great emphasis on prevention in early childhood

  • the dental hygienist teaches the child to master the correct technique of brushing teeth, to use the correct tools for brushing teeth, informs the parents and the child about proper nutrition
  • regularly strengthens tooth enamel with fluorides (fluoridation) as in adults
  • by regular treatment by a dental hygienist, we will achieve optimal dental health and prevent premature tooth loss
  • During the examination, even the smallest damage to the enamel is detected, dental plaque and tartar are removed, and the surface of the enamel and fillings are professionally polished
  • the correct technique of brushing the teeth is practiced and the dental hygienist informs the patient about the latest trends and tools for personal dental hygiene (toothbrush, interdental floss, toothpaste), which is a prerequisite for long-term good dental health.

Treatment in our dental hygiene clinic includes:

  • examination of soft and hard dental tissues, attachment of frenulas
  • motivation and instruction on oral hygiene – as needed, brush, dental floss, interdental brush, superfloss
  • removal of plaque and tartar
  • brushing the teeth with a brush and paste
  • AIRFLOW = sandblasting
  • fluoridation

The price of the basic treatment is EUR 70.

Treatment in our dental hygiene clinic is not covered by health insurance companies. When the conditions set by the health insurance companies are met (passing a preventive examination, etc.), the health insurance companies reimburse part of the price of the dental hygiene treatment to their patients. Ask your health insurance company about the details of treatment reimbursement.