MDDr. Andrej Breza, MPH.

In the dental clinic, our main goal is to provide patients with comprehensive dental care. We know health is paramount, so we focus on achieving a healthy oral cavity of our patients. Every single treatment is carried out with an emphasis on detail and precision, which we can achieve thanks to magnifying optics. 

We book patients for exact treatment dates, so you won’t spend long hours waiting for treatment with us.

We try to make the treatment pleasant and painless, so local anesthesia is part of every procedure, which is included in the price of the treatment. 

In the dental clinic we provide:

  • consultations
  • restorative dental services:

– treatment of tooth decay

– endodontic treatment (root canal treatment)

– production of composite fillings

– periodontal treatment

– basic dental surgery treatment (tooth extractions)

– preparation for dental surgery procedures.

  • Dental prosthetic services:

– stomatoprosthetic treatment

– production and installation of crowns (ceramic, zircon), veneers and bridges

–removable dental prostheses

– prosthetic work on implants

Our dental clinic provides an above-standard guarantee for dental services, 3 years for dental fillings and 5 years for metal-ceramic material from the date of manufacture.