PRF – Platelet rich fibrin is a complex of fibrinmass capable of accelerating the healing of hard and soft tissues both after surgical procedures in the oral cavity and after the treatment of tooth canals.

This is due to the high content of protective, growth and healing factors contained in platelets.


  1. Alveolar ridge preservation – protection of the extraction bed – immediately after tooth extraction, soft and hard tissues collapse, which is most pronounced in the first 3 weeks. While this tissue loss is an anticipated complication of treatment with dental implants– particularly crowns and bridges– the overall aesthetic outcome is also aggravated. Thanks to the use of PRF, we are able to significantly reduce these tissue losses at our dental clinic.
  2. Augmentation techniques we can also utilize PRF before the introduction of dental implants – whether through a sinus lift technique or the completion of the dental bed.
  3. Periodontal regeneration – in periodontal procedures, PRF has an irreplaceable function in the regeneration of the support structures of the tooth.

How do I get PRF added to my treatment plan?

The collection of venous blood from the forearm is a minimally invasive and quick way to collect the necessary amount of the patient’s blood into a 10 ml tube without any cross-contamination. The blood obtained in the tube is placed in a centrifuge and we have PRF prepared in liquid or solid form within 14 minutes.

If the use of PRF in surgery is indicated, the patient is advised of the dietary restrictions that must be kept at least 1 day before the planned procedure to ensure the best quality of the material that we produce from the patient’s own blood.