Our dental clinic provides consultations in dental surgery, restorative dentistry, prosthetic dentistry and dental implantology. 

Dental surgery consultations are free and we perform them in person or electronically.

Personal consultations:

Without prior ordering on weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. During consultations, we also perform minor dental surgeries and tooth extractions and treat patients with acute pain conditions. Outside of consultation hours, we only treat pre-booked patients.

Electronic consultations:

You can request an electronic consultation  through our contact form here.

By filling out the contact form, you can ask us for a consultation, book the date of the procedure and view the price of the surgical procedure, without the need for a personal pre-operative consultation. 

Before the procedure, we always need an up-to-date X-ray of your teeth. If you do not have an X-ray of your teeth, it can be done at our X-ray office. If you have already had an X-ray taken with us, please include your date of birth in the contact form in order to find the X-ray in our internal system.

Stomatological and stomatoprosthetic consultations are part of the free entrance preventive examination of the patient in our dental clinic.