Dental Surgery

MUDr. Dušan Tudík, MDDr. Andrej Breza, MPH, MDDr. Ľubomír Malíček, PhD., MUDr. Branislav Janíček

Dental surgery deals with diseases and injuries of the oral, jaw and facial areas. In this department, all surgical procedures are performed on the teeth, jaw and soft tissues of the oral cavity.

Dental surgery includes various procedures such as tooth extraction, root tip resection, hemisection, tooth implantation, osteotomy and many more.

In our clinic we provide treatments performed by professionals with many years of experience. We can advise patients with both simpler and more complex dental surgical diseases which are focused on by a team of experienced specialists under the supervision of MUDr. Dušan Tudík.

If you are looking for dental surgery services in Bratislava, you have come to the right place. We will be happy to assess your problem and discuss your options. For the treatment of each patient we choose an individual approach preceded by a free consultation.


We offer two basic types of consultations:

Face-to-face consultations

Our dental surgery team in Bratislava offers free in-person consultations with the option to schedule ahead. If you would rather be seen without an appointment, we are available to discuss your problem from 7 am to 10 am daily.

During consultations, we also perform minor dental surgeries, tooth extractions and treatment of acute painful conditions.

Electronic consultations

In addition to in-person consultations, we also conduct electronic consultations on our dental surgery website, which you can request via this contact form.

As an attachment to the form, please send us an up-to-date X-ray of your teeth. If we made it for you, you don’t have to send it. In the contact form, be sure to include your date of birth so that we can find you in our medical record system. 

If you do not yet have an X-ray of your teeth, use the option of an in-person consultation, during which you can have it taken at our X-ray center.

The procedures we perform in the framework of dental surgery

As part of dental surgery, we perform several interventions, including:

Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth can cause unpleasant pain. If you need to pull them out, please contact our dental surgery clinic in Bratislava, where we provide surgical extraction of eights. Thanks to local anesthesia, the procedure is quick and painless.

Tooth Extraction and Surgical Removal of the Tooth Root

Tooth extraction and removal of hooked roots is a procedure during which we mechanically remove a tooth or hooked root from the dental bed. Because we always perform it under local anesthesia, it is completely painless.

Bone augmentation

Patients who need dental implants but are deficient in their own bone must undergo bone augmentation. For more details, see Implantology – Augmentation.


Dental implants can serve as a replacement for missing teeth or as a support for dentures. For more information, see Implantology.

Other interventions

Our dental surgeons provide additional procedures that include:

  • removal of retinated teeth (i.e. teeth that for various reasons do not cut into the oral cavity),
  • resection of root tips (i.e. teeth that have failed endodontic treatment for various reasons),
  • removal of small tumors,
  • removal of stems and plastic pre-prosthetic treatment (i.e. loosening of mucous lashes and streaks that prevent wearing or making prosthetic replacements; often part of the jaw-orthodontic treatment in younger patients),
  • periodontal surgeries (i.e. surgical treatment of periodontal sacs, clinical extension of crowns, plastic surgery of receding gums),
  • operations on the maxillary sinuses, and
  • dentoalveolar surgery.

    Preparation for Dental Surgery

    If you opt for our dental surgery center, you can be sure that the entire procedure will be painless. Preparation is not difficult. Just follow these instructions:

    • Before the procedure, consume only light food and only drink water.
    • Do not smoke or drink alcohol.
    • Before arriving to the clinic, brush your teeth and interdental areas thoroughly.
    • Make sure you don’t have a cold and that you don’t have herpes or the flu.

    The attending physician will also inform you about your individual instructions during your consultation and after the procedure.

    The course of recovery after the procedure

    For a quick and trouble-free recovery, you should avoid strenuous physical activities. You should brush your teeth with a gentle brush and avoid rinsing your mouth excessively.

    If you have too much swelling, your painkillers don’t work for you or you have another problem, do not hesitate to contact us.