Dental Surgery

MUDr. Dušan Tudík, MDDr. Andrej Breza, MPH, MDDr. Ľubomír Malíček, PhD., MUDr. Branislav Janicek

We provide basic dental surgery (simple tooth extractions) in the dental clinic.

In the surgical part of our dental clinic, a team of experienced specialists under the leadership of MUDr. Dušan Tudík,  deal with more complex stomatological diseases and patient conditions. When treating each patient, we choose an individual approach, which is preceded by a free consultation of the patient’s state of health.

You can request an electronic consultation  through our contact form here.

Dental surgery patient care includes

  • surgical extraction (removal) of a “wisdom tooth” (eights) 
  • removal of retained teeth (teeth that, for various reasons, do not tend to cut into the oral cavity)
  • resection of root tips  (teeth that have failed endodontic treatment for various reasons)
  • removal of small tumors
  • implantology ( more in the implantology section )
  • removal of frenulums and plastic pre-prosthetic treatments  (releasing mucous eyelashes and bands that prevent the wearing or making of a prosthetic prosthesis, in younger patients as part of maxillo-orthopedic treatment) 
  • removing twisted roots
  • periodontal operations  (surgical treatment of periodontal pockets, clinical lengthening of crowns, plastic operations of receding gums) 
  • maxillary sinus operations
  • bone augmentation  (as a part of implantological treatment, it serves to ensure satisfactory conditions for the introduction of the implant)