MUDr. Dušan Tudík, MDDr. Andrej Breza, MPH., MDDr. Ľubomír Malíček, PhD., MUDr. Branislav Janicek

For the proper functioning of the stomatognathic system, it is necessary to ensure complete prosthetic rehabilitation of tooth loss conditions for various reasons. It is not only an aesthetic rehabilitation, but also a rehabilitation of the occlusal conditions, the disturbance of which leads to disorders of the jaw joint. Last but not least, the restoration of chewing function leads to an improvement in the quality of life, ensuring income and proper absorption of nutrients from food. A dental implant is the most suitable tooth replacement in indicated cases.

A team of experienced dental surgeons provides comprehensive implantological patient care in our dental clinic. Dental implants improve the health of the patient and significantly increase the quality of his life. For implantation, we use the certified system of the German company Bredent – ​​SKY implant system* , which has been verified by hundreds of successful implantations and the satisfaction of our patients. During implantation, we use the innovative principle of navigated implantology , which ensures safe and precise placement of implants. We solve the subsequent prosthetic replacement of the patient’s missing teeth with the most modern technology of 3D scanning of tooth impressions.

The implantation itself is preceded by thorough preparation of the patient, which is the basis of future success. The patient’s good health and perfect oral hygiene are the basic prerequisites for successful implantation.

Patients will learn about all the details of the procedure and the subsequent course of the procedure during individual consultations with our specialists. After a successful implantation, prosthetic work is made according to the patient’s wishes.