Dental x-ray

Our dental clinic has a separate X-ray workplace with its own entrance, the services of which can be used not only by our patients but also by patients who need an X-ray image for other dentists. The X-ray workplace is marked as RTG CENTRUM and is located on the ground floor of the building at Račianske mýto 1 in Bratislava.

An X-ray examination is not ordered (images are taken right away).

Price list:

Basic examinations (insured by health insurance companies Dôvera and Union have a basic examination free of charge)

  • Intraoral image (small) EUR 8
  • Bite Wing EUR 10
  • Orthopantomogram (OPG) EUR 17

Special displays (not covered by insurance companies)

  • 3D – 1 sextant EUR 15
  • 3D – 3 sextants (mandible or maxilla) EUR 45
  • 3D – entire mandible plus entire maxilla EUR 90
  • Calf X-ray EUR 15
  • Skull (each projection) EUR 15
  • TMK projections (closed mouth, open mouth) EUR 15
  • X-ray of the hand (each projection) EUR 15

The output from the X-ray examination can be received by treating doctors in their clinics in different ways

  1. CD carrier (enables further digital processing in the clinic)
  2. e-mail – please enter the legible e-mail address of your doctor (we do not send X-ray images to patients’ e-mail addresses)
  3. on high-quality photographic paper or foil (in this case, there is some degradation of the high digital quality of the display)

According to the provisions of § 44a par. 1 of Act no. 576/2004 Coll. on health care, services related to the provision of health care and on the amendment of some laws as amended, an X-ray examination can only be performed upon a request signed by the referring (indicating) doctor. When visiting the X-ray CENTRA, please show your request from your attending dentist and your insurance card.