Tooth extraction

Do you need to have your wisdom tooth or another tooth removed in Bratislava? At YLUX dental clinic, we will be happy to take care of you. We also offer tooth extraction, which thanks to local anesthesia and the work of professional dentists takes place painlessly and quickly.


Extraction of wisdom teeth or other teeth is a the extraction of a tooth from a dental bed. This is a common outpatient procedure that utilizes local anesthesia. Most procedures take place during one visit.

Eights or other teeth are extracted in our clinic only when absolutely necessary. Otherwise, we try to save the tooth.

When is the extraction of a wisdom tooth or another tooth necessary?

Extraction of a wisdom tooth or other tooth is necessary in the following situations:

  • When the tooth is damaged by  decay to the point that it is not possible to treat it with a crown or filling;
  • When a tooth has extensive inflammation that can not be treated;
  • When a tooth is affected by severe periodontitis;
  • When a tooth causes pain or other problems even after repeated treatment;
  • When a tooth is the source of a focal infection that can cause disease throughout the body;
  • When the surgeon has determined that the tooth must be extracted due to a lack of space in the dental arch; and
  • When a tooth is in an unsatisfactory position and causes various problems – it is usually a wisdom tooth.

If you find yourself in a situation where tooth removal is necessary, you can contact our dental clinic.

Removal of the wisdom tooth – preparation

Whether your doctor needs to pull out a wisdom tooth or another tooth, the preparation is the same. Before the procedure, follow these instructions:

  • On the day of the procedure, consume only light food and only drink water.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol.
  • Before arriving at the clinic, brush your teeth and interdental areas thoroughly.
  • Make sure you don’t have a cold and that you don’t have herpes or the flu.

Your individual instructions and further information will be provided by your attending physician, who will also answer all of your questions.

Wisdom tooth extraction – the procedure

Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth or other teeth is a common procedure that is completely painless. Extraction is usually planned ahead of time so you can prepare for it. The length of the whole process depends on several factors, including whether the surgeon removes a temporary (milk) tooth, a wisdom tooth, or a single or multi-rooted tooth.

Tooth Extraction – Healing

Healing after wisdom tooth extraction doesn’t take very long. The swelling usually persists for three days after the procedure. It is good to use analgesics to relieve pain; the dosage will be discussed with you by your attending physician. If the pain or swelling lasts much longer, it is important that you contact us.

A very similar healing process takes place in the case of extraction of another tooth.

After each dental surgery in our clinic, you will receive a detailed leaflet on how to care for the surgical wound.

What to do after tooth extraction?

After your dentist removes your tooth, you should:

  • apply cold therapy to the surgical wound
  • eat soft foods like pasta, rice, and soups
  • brush your teeth very carefully
  • avoid strenuous activity and make time to relax

    What not to do after tooth extraction?

    After the procedure, you should avoid certain actions and activities, including:

    • strenuous physical activity (e.g. working out, exercising),
    • frequent mouth rinsing,
    • eating during first three hours after extraction,
    • smoking for at least one day,
    • drinking alcohol for at least two to three days,
    • drinking hot coffee, and
    • tilting your head backwards.

      Tooth extraction – price

      Many patients wonder how much it costs to remove a tooth. The cost of this procedure varies and depends on several factors. The total amount will be determined by your doctor after assessing the whole situation. The same policy applies to root extraction.

      The price of the procedure is always determined after assessing the most current X-ray.

      Frequently asked questions about tooth extraction

      When to Remove a Wisdom Tooth?

      The wisdom tooth should be removed if it is broken, partially cut, or if the space between teeth  7 and 8 cannot be cleaned. The tooth should also be removed if you have recurring pain in the area where it is supposed to appear.

      When to Keep a Wisdom Tooth?

      Eights do not need to be removed if they are fully cut, do not cause pain, are not damaged and perform their function. The tooth also does not need to be removed if it is located deep in the bone and there is no risk of overgrowth.

      How long does it take to remove a tooth?

      The duration of tooth extraction can not be precisely determined, because a number of factors affect the entire process. As a rule, even more difficult surgeries can be completed within 60 minutes. More accurate information should be obtained from your doctor during the consultation or before the procedure.

      What to Consider When Pulling a Tooth?

      It is important to choose a professional clinic that will ensure a painless procedure and efficient handling of complications. You should follow the instructions of your attending physician regarding proper care of the dental bed, and consider the options available to you after tooth extraction. For many patients, a dental implant is the ideal choice.